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Technological capabilities

Production of Corrugated cardboard and package

Corrugated cardboard

L-PACK produces singlewall and doublewall corrugated cardboard on BHS corrugators (Germany) of 2013 and 2016 release.

This line has a high level of automation and presented in top-end configuration.

Web — 2500 mm

Maximum length of workpiece — 5500 mm

Maximum speed — 350 m/min

The maximum production capacity is  30 million square meters per month.

The corrugated packaging

The lines are selected in such a way that they duplicate each other, which ensures the highest reliability of execution of the order.

All the equipment is configured and controlled automatically by computer control system that reduces to zero the probability of errors during production.

The size range of the manufactured american boxes:

MIN 115 mm 63 mm 50 mm
MAX 2 320 mm 2 120 mm 2 200 mm

The size of complex products:

Maximum width of 1600 mm Maximum length —3500 mm
    Main machinery:
  • 2 Miniline lines for manufacturing of small boxes with the possibility of applying the four-color printing and rotary sections
  • 1 Midline line for production of American boxes with the possibility of applying four-color printing and rotary section
  • 2 rotary lines for manufacturing corrugated trays and boxes of complex configuration, with the possibility of four-color printing
  • 1 Jumbo line — for production of large American boxes with rotary section and the possibility of application of two-color printing. Maximum dimensions of the produced production on the line 5200×2500 in the scan list.
  • 2 automatic lines for production of lattices and assembled lattices — Roda Super Combi and Roda Andex (Switzerland). The capacity is up to 1.5 million sets per month.
  • Machines for production of small products (gaskets, bushings etc).