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Products and services

Products of the highest quality!

All production of the company is certified. Continuous quality control is carried out by two laboratories — input control of raw materials and finished products control. Quality control is made at each stage of production, storage and shipment of finished products.

Corrugated cardboard

  • Corrugated cardboard is produced on high-speed BHS corrugators (Germany).
  • The plant produces singlewall and doublewall corrugated cardboard, including micro corrugated cardboard, made of pulp and recycled raw materials. Brand of corrugated cardboard: T21 — T35. Flute type: B, C, E, BC, EB, EC, BB with white and brown top layer.
  • And also fanfold is produced at the site.

The corrugated packaging

    The company produces corrugated cardboard packaging of various configuration with flexographic printing up to 4 colors:
  • American boxes
  • boxes from nibbling elements (perforation, vents etc.)
  • complex cutting products
  • large-size packaging
  • auxiliary packaging means (gaskets, pads, shells and so on)
  • lattices, including assembled lattices

Related services

  • development of technical cards
  • design of products configuration
  • design of print
  • delivery of products