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About us

Your packaging is in safe hands!

The company L-PACK, launched in 2001, produces singlewall and doublewall corrugated cardboard and full range of products of it. In addition to standard list the range of products includes micro corrugated board, large packaging and fanfold.

The presence of our own raw materials base, cooperating with the leading suppliers of raw materials (Arkhbum, Ilim) and continuous modernization of production ensure the dynamic development of the enterprise. Since 2002, an annual increase of volume of production is more than 10%.

The distinctive feature of our work is the introduction of the enterprise concept of "lean production" based on Edward Deming's quality strategy and Toyota experience. According to this strategy each employee is engaged in the process of business optimization and losses elimination. Organization of work and staff motivation system is aimed solely on the overall final result. As a key unit of the concept of "lean production" is to estimate the value of the product for the end user, our company has an individual approach to each customer’s requirement.

Presence of our own laboratory for
continuous quality control at all production stages
The area of the site of 7 hectares
(equal to the area of 10 football fields)
More than 400 employees, 40% of them have
been working for the company for 5 and more years
High-speed corrugator BHS (Germany)
L-PACK today
The average age of converting lines — 2 years
Own raw material base
Production capacity of 20 million
square meters per month
The area of production premises — 21 000 sq.m,
7 000 sq m commissioned in the last 3 years

Our features

1. 24/7 operation

Many processes in the company: corrugating board production, the shipment of finished goods, reception of raw materials — operate 24/7 to ensure effective and continuous operation with customers and suppliers.

2. High efficiency of management decisions.

The starting point for us is the customer, we do everything for the convenience of mutual work. Discussion of the terms of the contract, the price calculation, design and preparation of samples take minimum time. Due to the automatic information system, urgent order can be completed within 2 hours!

3. Minimal changeover time.

As all the equipment at the site has minimal changeover time, we can make the order of any complexity and volume as required by the client.

4. High financial stability

The company L-PACK has a low credit load, which enables us to offer regular customers best services — an opportunity of delayed payment and flexible pricing policy.

5. Reliable conditions for dealers

By placing an order with us for their customers, the dealer can be sure that he is the exclusive recipient of an agreed range of products.

Certificates of conformity

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